Become a Distributor

Are you interested in becoming an distributor of Alta's products?  If so, we'd love to hear from you!  However, keep in mind we do have a few rules that help keep us in good standing with our existing supply chain partners.  

First, with a few grandfathered exceptions, we do not sell to companies that plan to install our product.  So, if you are an installer or contractor, we encourage you to buy our product through someone who is dedicated to distributing our product.  

Second, we do not sell directly to homeowners.  We make close to 10,000 18-wheeler truckloads of fence boards each year and simply do not have logistical capabilities to sell by the individual unit at a time - that is what our distribution partners are for.  

Finally, if you meet and pass criteria one and two above, you must be able to purchase in truckload quantities of our material and pass a business credit assessment conducted by our accounting team.

Still sound good?  Please contact us and let's get the process started!

Here are some of our top distributors around the nation: