Alta Forest Products is a zero-wood-waste organization.  Its fiber recovery rates (log over-runs) rank among the highest in the world.  Any wood fiber that does not make its way into a sound, on-grade board is converted into wood chips, which are sold to pulp and paper and manufacturers throughout the region.  Alta’s chips are also used as grown softening material for children’s playgrounds. 

In addition to chips, Alta collects bark from the outside of the logs it consumes, which is sold as mulch for bagging plants, mulch resellers and other landscaping companies.  The sawdust generated by Alta’s mills is sold to chicken farmers for bedding as well as other organizations that make specialty soils for farming and gardening.  Finally, any material not consumed by one of these above-mentioned markets is sold as bio-fuel to local co-generation facilities, pushing power back into our national grid and lessening our dependence on oil.

Chips Ahoy

If you are interested in learning more about Alta’s residual products or are interested in purchasing these materials yourself, please contact us.